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New World Finn published its final print issue in January 2015. The articles below have been either published in previous issues or have been added recently by the editor. 

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A painter who uses coffee as her ink – Angel Sarkela Saur – submitted the above painting to NWF as her artistic conceptualization of the ending of this journal. She wrote to us: “Here is my vague explanation: New World Finn is coming to an end, sort of. You have been creating issue after issue for some time now. You may or may not realize, but the journal and what you put together each issue had impact beyond informing and entertaining readers. It featured artists, musicians, writers, actors and personalities that intrigued us, each with a connection to Finland. However, other connections were made between those featured and as a result, artistic collaborations were created and friendships were formed. We have come across Gerry the editor biking along the Lake Superior shore several times. I imagine him now packing up the journal and biking off to his next adventure. The connections made by New World Finn, between those featured, and its readers, will continue to swirl and evolve even after this last issue is published.” Angel is right on, the connections that have been made through NWF will continue one way or another. The newer media formats that exist in cyberspace, and even the older formats of print publication will be used by all of us to stay in touch with each other and continue the celebration of Finnish culture. (Angel and Andy’s art is available at The painting above is © by Angel Sarkela, 2014.)

Publisher Ivy Nevala, and editor Gerry Luoma Henkel, thank all of the contributors and readers for 15 years of friendship as we participated in the world-wide community of people who love to explore Finnish culture – that means ALL of you, Finns and non-Finns alike. Kiitoksia paljon, ja näkemiin! 

Move over, Nordic Noir, a new literary brand is emerging from the North! Something strange has been lurking within Finnish literature, and now it has a name of its own: Finnish Weird

Finnish weird cover

A "Must See" Video 

Ruut sings "Church Bells" from her recent CD Glimpse


Book Review

Finns in the United States: A History of Settlement,

Dissent, and Integration  Edited By Auvo Kostiainen, and Reviewed by Ivy Nevala 

Finns ITUS

CD Review: Bittersweet

A New Recording from Diane Jarvi 

Reviewed by Kathy McTavish and Sheila Packa 


Unintended Consequences at the Crossroads – a review of Paula Jaakkola’s New CD – Spring 2014

MG 81393

Photograph of Paula Jaakkola by Erika Hokanson

Should You Be Worried About NSA Surveillance? Mikko Hyppönen Thinks You Should Be – Spring 2014


Niilo Koponen and the Talkoot Tradition, With an Introduction by Lynn Laitala - Spring 2014


Russell Jokela, A Woodworker In Japan, Considers The Value of Handwork In An Era Of Mass Production - Spring 2014


Book Review: The Smartest Kids In The World – Winter 2014

Ivy Nevala reviews Amanda Ripley's book on education.


Ruut's New CD "Glimpse" - A Perfect Union of Songs and Production – Autumn 2013

Ruut Glimpse.jpg

Katja Toivola - A Finnish Connection to Jazz in New Orleans – Autumn 2013


An Interview With Marja-Leena Rathje - The Art of Seeing – Summer 2013

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